bail bonds statesville

Important Bail Bonds Facts

Learning more about bail bonds now may very well help you later in the event that you are arrested and thrown into jail. Most people are given a bond amount that can be paid to free themselves until their scheduled court appearance. And while paying the court directly is possible, that’s an expensive and time consuming decision, especially when it’s so easy to find a bail bondsman to make things easier.

Any Time Bonding

Although not every bonding company offers 24/7 service, many do, since arrests occur day and night. Make sure to find a 24 hour bonding company if you’re arrested after normal business hours. These agencies provide service on the weekends, holidays, and evenings when the other guys are gone and have closed shop.

Bail Bonds are Cheaper

Bondsman charge 10% – 15% of the court-ordered bond amount, saving a considerable amount of money versus the costs of paying the court directly. There is a bondsman fee also charged, which won’t exceed $50.

bail bonds statesville

Get Out of Jail Faster

Inmates who bond out of jail using a bonding service are released before court releases and others. Seconds count when you’re locked behind bars. It’s reassuring to know that a bondsman is there in the time of need.

Make an Agreement

To use a bonding service, you agree to appear in court when indicated. Failure to appear results in revocation of the bond and a bench warrant issued for your arrest. Read the entire agreement before singing on the dotted line, no matter how eager to get out of jail you might be.

There are endless reasons to take advantage of bail bonds statesville if you’re arrested, including those above. Hopefully you’ll never get arrested, but it’s reassuring to know that a lawyer is by your side if the inevitable occurs.

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