Something to Look Forward to in Prison

Something to Look Forward to in Prison

Some say that if you do the crime you must do the time and while it’s a true statement, family and friends of the incarcerated individual don’t stop caring because of a mistake. They want and need to hear from their loved ones who are in a dangerous environment day in and day out. Furthermore, prisoners have rights, too, and eventually, they’ll be back on the streets again. Adding hardship to an already difficult situation is the last obstacle that you want to put on a loved one who is in prison.

prison commissary los angeles county

Commissary is available to inmates and helps them lead somewhat normalcy behind prison walls. Commissary contains items that inmates can purchase, including items for entertainment, snacks, drinks, hygiene products, and more. Inmates may also use the money that is added to the account to make phone calls to their loved ones or allow the money to build in their account to use upon release. Adding money to an inmate’s commissary account is the best way to show your love and support.

It’s easy to add money to an inmate’s prison commissary los angeles county online with a few clicks. You just need a credit or debit card to make the addition. The funds are immediately available and the inmate may order items off the commissary menu or make phone calls. There is a small convenience fee added to the commissary amount, but otherwise, all the funds added to the account is the individuals’ money.

Life happens and sometimes it includes making some mistakes along the way. When that mistake has caused a loved one to go to prison, it adds devastation to an already difficult situation. Luckily, inmates look forward to commissary and adding it to your loved one’s account is simple. Show your love and support to an incarcerated inmate!